Monday, July 23, 2018

Eggs in aspic

Boil the eggs hard and make an aspic jelly with three ounces of white-leaf gelatine, one quart of stock or water. The stock that a rabbit or chicken has been boiled in makes a nice aspic. If water is used; a tea spoonful of Liebig’s must be added, a bunch of savoury herbs, carrot, and onion, a little celery, a teaspoonful of Worcester sauce, a bay leaf, salt, and the white of an egg; whisk over the fire until it comes to the boil, then add a teaspoonful of vinegar and one lump of loaf sugar. Let it stand for three minutes, when it should be quite clear. Strain it through a napkin. Settle in the bottom of a dariol mould, and decorate with a little truffle and tomato. Cut the eggs in halves and put the yolk side to the bottom. Put about a teaspoonful of aspic to set it. When the eggs are set in the bottom, fill the mould up with aspic and let it set quite firm. Dip into hot water and turn out on a dish, and chop aspic and put around. Serve for second course or supper dish.

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