Sunday, July 22, 2018

Stewed Steak

Put the steak in a saucepan with an ounce of dripping, one sliced onion, two or three bay leaves, and a few cloves. Fry the steak in this until browned both sides, then put in all kinds of vegetables and a very little water and a little browning. Let the steak stew for an hour and a half with a little pepper and salt, a little Worcester sauce and a little ketchup. When done, remove the steak from the saucepan and skim off all the fat from the gravy. Take a good teaspocnful of cornflour, mix it w ith a little water and thicken the gravy with it. See that it is nicely seasoned. Have the steak ready on a hot dish and strain the gravy over. Decorate with some nicely cut vegetables, such as carrots, turnips and onions.

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