Monday, July 23, 2018

Mulligatawny Soup (Clear)

Make a second stock from the bones, boil it, adding fresh vegetables, filling the stock pot with water, and adding any other bones you may have to it. Let it simmer all day, then strain it off and add the bones of a raw rabbit chopped up, which some entrees have been prepared from. For two quarts of clear Mulligatawny there should be three quarts of stock put into the sauce- pan, three large apples sliced, four large onions, and a • bunch of savoury herbs, a little celery, and the whites and shells of two eggs, and a pound of beef (which should pass through the mincing machine), one table- spoonful of curry powder seasoned with salt to taste. Stir over the fire until boiled, then let it simmer for three hours. It is necessary to keep the soup simmering the whole of the time on the fire, as it should be very clear and bright. Strain it through a sieve, put into it a few small quenelles of rabbit formed with a teaspoon, and some boiled rice, served on a napkin. It can also be served with some chicken or any white meat cut into dice, and a little picked chervil or parsley. Serve very hot. All clear soups should be freed from fat with paper.

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