Saturday, July 28, 2018

Turbot fillet a la Cardinal

Have ready half a pint of mock mayonnaise, in which three leaves of white gelatine has been dissolved; when almost cold, cover each fillet carefully with mock mayonnaise, then chop the coral of a hen lobster. When set, edge each fillet around with coral and dish up on a bed of lettuce finely shredded, then put a border of lettuce around the dish and a little in the centre. Split the tail of a small lobster and dish up on the lettuce in the centre, and decorate around with the small claws of a lobster; put on each fillet a small leaf of aspic jelly. If lobster is not obtainable for these dishes, take the yolks of a couple of boiled eggs and colour it with a few drops of carmine ; pass it through a sieve on to a plate, and put into the oven. Let it get thoroughly dry without browning it, then rub it well together. It should be a bright coral colour. The spawn of the lobster dried and pounded will do for these dishes.

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